Raf Sistemleri

Our company entered the sector in 1987 by producing signage and advertising materials, and in 1997, it switched to pop design and production and still serves in this field.

The Sedu family employs an average of 150 staff. Our factory has 7500 m2 production area and 5000 m2 open area. All kinds of stands are produced by using metal – plastic – wood – plexi materials in our production area. Design-Project and Production are under the same roof. It is important for us to make designs that can be produced. The most effective way to produce the design of the project and production team is realized by the efforts of our experienced employees.

We have an experienced team in integrating the latest technological add-ons into the projects. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to serve better by following the innovations brought by advancing technology.


In order to provide unconditional customer satisfaction, we have been operating in the sector with our 30 years of experience focused on our unique designs, creative solutions, ability to choose suitable material for budget and product display systems.

In our 7000m2 production facility in Tuzla, we increase the number of companies that we serve with different solutions in the field by fulfilling the basic requirements of our ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate with our machine park where we can process metal-wood and plastic derivatives.

We have the ability to use a wide range of materials with our laser assisted cutting, sizing and forming machines and printing solutions.


  • Reflecting the advantages of teamwork to every stage of our project, we offer package solutions from brief to post-assembly support services.
  • Since we aim for long-term solution partnerships rather than short-term collaborations, we address projects as a whole, not one by one, which adds flexibility to budgetary adaptations during the period.
  • Since we spend all our energy to reach a result with constructive relations with our business partners in project management, it is always our priority to sign enjoyable works with both our customers and other teams we travel with.