Sebatis Durul

About Us


As SEDU DISPLAY, we assist you in your instore/outdoor marketing projects through creative designs, value engineering solutions, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, transport and assembly.
Our primary target is to offer the most appropriate solutions for the brand marketing strategies of our clients with our more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Despite the rapidly changing dynamics of the market, we are trying to keep our operations at a standart level without compromising our ethical values. By using our resources effectively, we aim to find the best solutions in the long run.

We are a big family, with our POSM-centric creative design team and project team, members of whom come up with different ideas and also with our production team who manufacture whatever we dream, always with very high quality standards.

In our 5000sqm facility in Tuzla, we can manufacture POSM units with metal-plastic-wooden raw materials, in processes complying with ISO9001. We are enlarging our machinery park from day to day to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. We’re proud to work with the best brands of each sector and will do our best to keep this going.


· flexibility in quantities produced, ranging from tailor made solutions to mass production.
· creative solutions with multı-material expertise
· fast, cost effective and reliable production suggestions
· diversified portfolio, experiences from different sectors
· turnkey solutions from design to delivery


· Through good team work, we control every single step of our projects in a way to make the life of our clients comfortable.
· We handle each project as a part of the big picture and benefit from the mass production capability of our facility.
· As a result of the long term relations with our clients, we direct our energy to manage all aspects of the projects and offer peace of mind for our business partners.