As Sedu design team, we take into account the requests from our customers with precision and create applicable designs considering the importance of brand and product.

Our Industrial Design team, which specializes in consumer experience, demonstrates their creativity according to local retail requirements.


As Sedu Project team, we follow the right and sound production policy at affordable cost in our projects realized thanks to our engineers working within our structure.

Our experienced engineers are working on the right production models and alternative material experience for the projects.

Low cost and high quality production point is our most important goal.


As Sedu Production Team, we consider our projects with great precision. Our production area consists of 12 sections. Each department proceeds with the management of experienced craftsmen. The work flow is applied with great devotion in terms of the correct interpretation of the data coming from the project and the sizing of the incoming materials in our state-of-the-art machinery park and raising them in time according to the production plan.


As Sedu installation team, we have a working knowledge about the working conditions of the indoor and outdoor spaces where our products are exhibited and we are working carefully to ensure that the projects reach the final point correctly. We offer turnkey solutions for packaging and on-site assembly at appropriate values. We improve our time performance and service quality with our own pool of logistic vehicles and equipment.

We serve you with our 2500 square meter warehouse area.